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Unlock the Secret to Luxurious Hair Extension Care in 2023

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Elevate Your Hair Extension Care Game with These Professional Tips

Gentle strokes of your hairbrush, a timeless ritual of elegance and care. In the realm of hair extensions, this practice takes on a newfound significance. Brushing is a key element in nurturing your extensions for enduring allure.

Bilevel hair fixed with hair extensions.
Before and after, bilevel to full head

The Art of Brushing Hair Extensions In your pursuit of hair extension longevity, selecting the right tool is paramount. The double-row steel toothcomb, a whisper of sophistication, outshines its wooden or plastic counterparts. But let us reveal an even more refined choice: the loop brush, your ally in preserving the integrity of various extensions, from synthetic to curly. Choose your brush wisely, as it holds the secret to your extensions' vitality.

Women coming #hairextensions
Women combing hair extensions

Mastering the Brushing Ritual Whether your hair is dry or wet, grace and patience should guide your hand. Embrace a gentle touch, and your extensions will flourish. Daily devotion to this ritual is your shield against the harrowing tangles of the past, ensuring your extensions remain captivating, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Untangling the Mystery of Hair Extensions Tangling, the unavoidable dance of strands, a reality for both natural and extended locks. Shedding, a reminder of life's transitions. Embrace these truths and discover ways to reduce their presence. Tangles and shedding are part of life's tapestry; manage them with grace.

Women caring comb with her to brush her extensions
Women combing hair extensions

The Path to Unrivaled Hair Extension Care Carry a comb discreetly, an emblem of your commitment to your extensions' well-being. Secure your hair before slumber, averting the turmoil of nighttime friction. Products, when used, should mirror the essence of natural care. Your care regime transcends the ordinary; it's a symbol of your dedication.

Professional stylist coloring women with extensions
Hair Stylist coloring women with hair extensions

Adorn Without Worry Color and curls, expressions of personal style, remain within your reach. Seek professional hands for color transformation and embrace occasional heat styling, all in harmony with your extensions. Choose, steam, light heat, and air dry whenever possible. Transformation is at your fingertips; choose wisely.

Mysteries of Extension Cleansing Unveiled Washing extensions, a riddle often muddied with misinformation. These extensions require a gentle touch, shampoo formulated for hair extensions, ask your hair stylist, and washed only

after 7 cycles of wear. Washing the scalp, conditioning the ends are vital. Handle with care; cleanliness is essential but sparingly indulged.

Nurturing Extensions to Dry Perfection When nature's pace is too leisurely, a blow dryer comes to your aid. Temperance is your watchword. Dry with caution; preservation is paramount.

The Styling Symphony Heat tools, wielded with grace, can harmonize your extensions with your natural locks. Exercise restraint and protect with thermal sprays. Mastery of styling wields elegance.

Storage's Subtle Influence When not in your embrace, your extensions deserve to rest in cool, well-ventilated chambers. Gently brush, dry, place in ponytail scrunchies, and secure them before their slumber. Even in repose, care endures.

The Tapestry of Extension Life The tapestry of extension life unravels under your gaze. Nurture them, and they'll serenade

you for up to 6 -12months. Your care, the thread that weaves their destiny.

Redemption for Neglected Extensions

After Blond Oway Organic HBleach highlights, Oway Color, and extensions
Organic Oway Color, Oway organic HBleach and Extensions at Michelle's Luxury Hair and Wellness Salon

Unlocking the Beauty Within: Transform Your Hair Extensions Amidst the chaos of life, your hair extensions may have silently suffered, becoming a tangled web of despair. But fear not, for within these words lies the power to resurrect them, restoring their former glory. Embrace The Casual Method: Reclaiming your damaged hair extensions need not be a burdensome journey. For a treasure trove of wisdom on how to rejuvenate your unruly locks, delve into our treasure chest of knowledge on this very topic. In the meantime, let's embark on a voyage of simplicity to mend your extensions.

Whisper of Untangling: Begin by gently caressing your extensions with a tangle teaser and a loop brush. Each stroke is a message of patience and renewal.

Bathe in Transformation: Immerse your extensions in a soothing bath of warm water, where a

potion of conditioner awaits. Allow this elixir to work its magic overnight, infusing life and moisture into the very fibers of your extensions.

Awaken to Renewal: As dawn breaks, delicately cradle your extensions from their watery cocoon, tenderly patting them dry with a cotton or paper towel.

Harmony in Every Stroke: Now, with the grace of a skilled artist, follow the rhythm of proper brushing and gentle combing. The symphony of your efforts shall banish

tangles to the past. Let nature's breath dance through your extensions as they air dry through the night. With these enchanted steps, your extensions shall rise from the ashes, reborn and ready to grace your world once more.

Written By

Michelle Everroad

Owner of Michelle's Luxury Hair and Wellness Salon

and Michelle's Luxury Hair and Skin Care

Master Hair Stylist/ Nutritionist/ Naturopath

Mediceuticals is good for hair extensions and tape in hair extensions. Washes out very clean with zero build up. Tested and tried on my own as well as my salon clients.

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