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Welcome to Michelle's Luxury Hair and Wellness Salon and Spa

Hair Extensions, and Beauty Store!

Your Beauty and Wellness Store! 

If you're seeking Michelle's physical salon, please click here: Highland Village TX, Salon.

At Michelle's Luxury Hair and Wellness Salon, we are dedicated to offering an array of premium, organic, and natural health and wellness products and services that cater to your hair, body, skin, and overall well-being.

 Unlock your Radiance 


     Step into a world of unparalleled luxury where beauty meets wellness. Our premium Salon products and services are meticulously designed to enhance your natural glow, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and empowered.

     In light of the ongoing challenges posed by Covid-19, we understand that life can get quite hectic. To make things easier for you, Michelle has collaborated with our trusted Salon, Spa, Hair Extension and Vitamin distributors she personally uses for her salon to facilitate direct shipments to her own valued clients. To explore their comprehensive catalog, simply click on the Distributor links provided above. There's several to choose from and run great deals all the time. 

 Effortless Wellness 

     Let us take care of the details while you indulge in self-care. Your well-being is our top priority, and we've streamlined the process to bring our exquisite offerings directly to you. Our inventory has evolved beyond Vitamins, Supplements, Hair, Hair Extensions, and Skin Care products. We now proudly offer a selection of our own Fairy-Tales Hair Extensions, as well as hair Equipment, Professional Blow-Dryers, Flat Iron's, Organic Shampoo and Conditioner, and also along with exquisite Jewelry, Purses and Accessoriesperfect gifts for any special occasion. And keep an eye out for even more exciting. additions in the future as we expand our own product and hair extension lines, as well as add and support more small businesses to our collection!

 Discover Elegance


   Elevate your style and radiate confidence. Explore our curated collection of fashion and accessories that make every day special.

Our shipping operates seamlessly Five days a week, Monday through Friday. Whether it's from our salon or directly from our distributors, you can expect your products to arrive within 3-5 Days in U.S. (excluding hair extensions and wigs, these a customized and can take 10-21 days) weather permitting.  We now ship worldwide, excluding very few countries. Check out our blog and Online-Forms for more fun information. 

Swift Transformation:

      Your journey to wellness begins the moment you click. Prompt delivery ensures that your path to beauty and health is always on time.

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond just delivery. We are always eager to assist you with product recommendations, supplement advice, and more, also check out our blogs and forums, their loaded with great advice we give our own customers in the chair. 

 Personalized Care: 

      We're here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you receive the support and expertise you deserve.

Additionally, we offer virtual consultations for any hair care or vitamin questions you may have, where our expert stylists and nutritionists are available to guide you in both hair care and nutrition. Schedule a convenient time to connect with our professionals and receive personalized insights before you order.

 Your Journey, Your Way: 

Expert advice is just a click away. Experience a transformation tailored to your unique needs.

For detailed information about pricing for our salon and spa services, please refer to our online scheduler. To learn more about the array of services we provide, or if you have any questions, our Salon section is your go-to resource. Please note that due to limited staffing, our virtual Appointment scheduler is available seven days a week, 24/7. You'll find valuable information on our websites, Facebook pages, and Salon blogs, forums including reviews for both our salon and e-commerce offerings.

 Empower Your Choices: 

Information is power. Explore our resources to make well-informed decisions and read the inspiring stories of our satisfied clients.

 Time to Transform: 

Your path to beauty and wellness is always open. Book your appointment with ease and confidence.

 Shipments go out 5 days a week, Monday - Friday. Weather permitting.

Thank you for choosing Michelle's Luxury Hair Extensions and Beauty Supply Store, and Michelle's Luxury Hair and Wellness Salon and Spa. We're here to enhance your well-being inside and out, providing you with the finest products, expert guidance, and a commitment to your satisfaction. Your journey to holistic wellness starts here!

 Invest in Yourself: 

Your decision to prioritize self-care is a powerful one. We're honored to be your partners on this transformative path.

Thank you for supporting small businesses.

Due to Covid, current weather storms, holidays and postal service, shipping may be delayed. Please have patience.

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Picture of a women getting Tape in Hair Extensions
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African American Hair Wigs
Michelle's Luxury Hair and Wellness Salon inside Mattison Avenue Salon Suites and Spa
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Oway Curly Hair Bath Shampoo for Sale
LEVOLUME-75mm Round Hair Brush Blow Dryer For Sale
70% Double drawn and 90% double drawn Hair Extensions
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