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Important Questions to Ask Your Stylist Before Changing Your Hairstyle

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Apr 06, 2022

Getting a new hairstyle can be exciting but it can also make you nervous. If things don’t go as expected, you will end up end wasting a lot of money. To avoid this unfortunate situation, you must ask your hairstylist the right questions. We have outlined these questions to help you prevent that nightmare. How Will a Big Haircut Change My Styling Routine? Every style demands a certain level of dedication to get the desired look. The routine for your current style may differ a lot from the routine for the one you plan to get. You need to ask your stylist about the new routine. Do you need to comb daily? Do you need to wrap it up before you sleep? Let the stylist answer these and be sure you are comfortable with the routine before you sit on the salon chair. How Can We Make My Hairstyle More Tailored to My Face Shape? The shape of your face highly influences the way your hair looks. Some styles can be customized to compliment your facial features. Ask the stylist if they can tailor the style to help you achieve the desired look.

Will This Hairstyle Take a Long Time to Style? Some people don’t have a problem spending 30 minutes styling their hair and there are the ones who get frustrated when they realize that they are spending more than five minutes making their hair look presentable. Which one are you? Make sure you communicate these preferences to your hairstylist. They will tell you if the hairstyle you have chosen takes more time to style or not. If it does not suit your preferences, they will recommend styles that do.

What Products Are Required to Maintain This Look? There is always that style that requires you to stock up your hairstyling cabinet. Are you comfortable with learning how to use new tools? How about spending money on new tools or products for your new style? In most cases, you cannot get the look you left the salon with if you do not use the same products that they used. Ask your stylist about the products and see if you are ready to invest. When Should I Schedule My Next Appointment to Maintain This Look? The style informs how long you can go without visiting the hair salon. Ask your stylist how long you can keep the look before scheduling your next appointment. This will make it easier to decide if that style will work for you. For long hair, you need to visit the salon every eight-to-ten weeks. For short hairstyles, you will need a cut in six-to-eight weeks. Fringes require trims every three weeks. Although this is a rule of the thumb when it comes to hairstyles for women, it may differ. If you having a hard time managing your style, it’s time to visit the hair salon. Consult the Experts Your hair is one of the first things that people see when you approach them. This is why you need to consult the professionals at Michelle’s Luxury Hair and Wellness Salon when you want to change your hairstyle. We are committed to offering the best hair care. We believe that you don’t only need a nice style, but that your hair also needs to be healthy. We help maintain healthy hair while giving you your desired look. Interested in our services? or complete our contact form to get in touch.

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