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What Is Organic Hair Color?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Apr 04, 2022

If you dye your hair often, you are likely always looking for ways to ensure your hair is in good shape and as healthy as it can be. Whether you’re looking to highlight your natural color, cover grays, or want to transform your look, hair dye has become a staple part of beauty regimes. If you’re worried about exposing your hair to harsh and damaging chemicals, as the dangers of hair dye and bleach are well known, there are alternate solutions to these products. If you’re hesitant about treating your hair with regular dye, you should consider using organic hair color instead. What’s the difference between organic and traditional hair dyes? Let’s cut to the chase because we know you’re wondering what organic hair dye is and how it’s different from the tried-and-true dye you’re used to using. Organic hair color means the hair dye is made with organic botanicals and the least amount of synthetic chemicals. While traditional hair dye uses copious amounts of chemicals and tends to have ammonia in its products, organic hair dye is usually ammonia-free. Ammonia is a chemical found in conventional hair dye formulas used to penetrate the hair cuticle and deposit color into it – this process can leave your hair vulnerable to damage.

What are the benefits of organic hair dyes? Anyone can go and buy a box of hair dye for a DIY session at home – however, it will damage your delicate hair over time with continuous use. Opting for organic hair color at a salon is an experience you will only understand when you visit an organic hair salon like ours. There are many benefits of getting your hair dyed at an organic hair salon, so let’s discuss a few! These hair dyes refrain from using harsh chemicals, such as ammonia – this can help people with sensitive skin and scalps who tend to get irritation easily with regular dyes. With organic hair color, your hair receives organic botanical ingredients, such as natural plant and vegetable extracts, which provide your hair with nutrition to give it a vibrant shine and healthy color. Organic hair color, such as the one we use at Michelle’s Luxury Hair and Wellness Salon, is good for your hair because it not only produces great-looking results, but also eliminates breakage, irritation to the skin and scalp, and protects the overall health of your hair. This makes organic hair color safe for prolonged use. You can continue to fulfill your aesthetic goals while treating your hair to the utmost quality of care it needs and deserves with organic hair dye. Can organic dyes work as well as traditional hair dyes? The idea that organic dyes may be less effective than conventional chemical hair dyes you have come to know, and love is a total myth! Organic dyes have the color system as traditional chemical dyes but with the bonus of giving your hair some TLC with ingredients that nourish your hair. Organic hair dye provides maximum color coverage without ammonia. Organic dyes use the same process of depositing dye into the hair shaft, and therefore, the results will last just as long, and the color is as vibrant compared to chemical dyes. Are you looking to make the switch from conventional hair dye and need advice on which hair color you should choose with organic botanical ingredients that will suit your needs? Are you wondering if you can keep up that brilliant shade of blonde or red without continuously damaging your hair? Well, the search ends now! Contact us at (214) 850-9925 and let our experienced team help you achieve your hair goals! You can also contact us online to get in touch with us to ask questions and share your vision for your hair. We want to help you feel fresher, more confident, and make your natural features stand out through beautiful, professional cuts and colors! Newer Post >< Older Post


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